Getting new tenants

Hello. I have two questions.
1st, my flat is being revamped, new kitchen / bathroom etc. it’s not quite ready but I want to get it on the market. Is it worth adding a COMING SOON message?
2nd, we had a terrible time with our last tenant illegally subletting the flat and then the squatters wouldn’t move out. I paid for the premium service reference through OR but it was poor. Has anyone used any good 3rd party referencing companies to be extra thorough?

I think that most of the referencing companies use the same process, but you could supplement the reference by asking for 6 months bank statements showing rent payments and speak to their last landlord to verify the reference.

I never advertise until the property is ready. Most of the enquiries I get are ready to move within a week or two.

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Personally, I wouldn’t advertise until is very close to completion. Viewers often do not want to see a ‘work in progress’ if the property still looks like a building site. Plus in our area, demand is high, so property will be snapped up quickly anyway.

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Thanks, that’s a great idea!

That’s what I’ve heard. Here’s hoping :crossed_fingers:

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