Help basic please

I had a free listing and now I want to pay to have it advertised and use another email address and so far I cannot find where or how to do that. Can I please get help, it is 4hours of trying to do this

Email open rent direct.

Hi Felicity, I see the team has been in touch and you’ve managed to get your listing up. Nice one!

@Juliet is right - feel free to pop an email over in future and we’ll always get back to you in a working day.

Juliet can we talk. I have just taken a blow and need to take the flat off advertising for at least a month.

How can I not loose the money I paid for advertising?

You are asking the wrong person! Unsure how I can help. Only rent my one and only home ! Answer to your original question I am not sure you can unlist without loosing yr fee. But again, email Open rent direct. Usually very helpful.