How get money back

hello i rented the house through openrent but i was on holiday for 3 weeks so i just got the keys, i gave a deposit and 6 months rent, when i entered the house i found out that there is a fungus on the walls, the water during the rain floods the house, there was a marijuana plantation on the roof and the tops and leaves are all over the roof with bags and soil, and from the power cable there is a black mass/oil coming out of the ground so the network was overloaded, I do not have children here with my wife, I want a refund of the rent for the house and the deposit, but the landlord does not want to give notice but to do some repairs now that we are living here, for which he had a year when he could not rent the house, I have already written in the beginning that I do not want some people in the house and now he wants to send me repairmen or repairmen as I am already here, how does it work legally to get the money back?

you gave a deposit and 6 months rent without seeing the house first?

Contact the Council environmental health officer and the Police. Write to the landlord to say that under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 you wish to unwind the tenancy and require a complete refund of all monies paid as the property was not as advertised. There is a template letter on the Shelter wbsite.

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