Husband overseas renting for me?

Hello all. I have had great difficulty since I came back to England where I am from, in renting somewhere. Since my husband lives in France where he works and earns our money, I have no work history or professional income in my own name.
Is it possible for my husband to rent from France and pay and me to live in a property here in England? It will be a one year minimum. He has the income for it.
Alternatively is it possible for me to rent in my name but he pay the rent and it go off his income? Since he earns the money- but is in France. Please help! Thanks

Hi, I think the easiest way around it is if your husband applies to rent, and he can show documentation confirming his income etc to the landlord. I would advise not to bother with referencing company, you and your husband will automatically fail it due to the referencing company’s criteria, as they usually fail overseas / students / self employed etc), so approaching the landlord directly and proactively with the documentation for proof of income, employment etc will be your best bet. You should be named on the AST as a permitted occupier. If you have a UK based guarantor, this will also be helpful for you. Best of luck.

Oh thank you so much for this! It’s very helpful :blush: finally some answers because me and my husband have no idea and it’s not easy to find these things out! That’s great we can get on with that then