I think OpenRent need to change the behaviour of the references dashboard

I am currently referencing two tenants, one of which needed a guarantor. I checked everything before starting referencing and so was sure that all would be well. Today I opened the referencing page and saw this.

Screenshot 2020-03-13 at 16.18.51

To my horror it seemed that something was terribly wrong. I called RentGuard to check if there was some mistake. The very helpful chap explained to me that because the lead tenant is still pending, the evaluation of the second and their guarantor was based on them paying the total rent instead of their 50% share. He checked all the details himself and said they should be fine. He assured me that once the lead tenant had been processed (and passed) that the system would update and they would all be accepted.

Has anyone else had this experience? I find it amplifies the sense of anxiety and stress. OpenRent, could you not change the behaviour to only display the evaluation once all parties have been processed, and show something like “complete, waiting for other parties” rather than “FAILED” in these circumstances?

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