Landlord changed mind a wasted my efforts

I have booked a property and paid deposit and filled in all necessaary doc thinking that all is in place. I let other agents that i can not look at other properties so i lost opportunities with them. The land lord changed mind and informed after two weeks that they are not renting it. Can i sue them for abusing me and causing stress damage

I doubt it, unless anyone else on here knows differently.

If a tenant refuses to allow other prospective tenant’s viewings, the DPS says the landlord has no proof that they would have found a suitable tenant anyway.

You have no proof that you would have found another suitable property to you’re liking or that you would definitely have been offered it.

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Make a formal complaint to the agent/openrent. You could sue on the basis of a verbal contract, but a court would have to be convinced that this existed. You could also only sue for actual losses, and there may not be anything quantifiable.

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Maybe you failed referencing and that’s why they have decided to drop you?

All the same they should have told you the reason.

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If you let other agents know you were no longer interested in their properties thats your choice to put all your eggs in one basket, don’t blame anyone else but yourself.
Did the landlord inform you that you had got the flat in writing or have you just presumed you have got it, he may not have liked you when you met there could be umpteen reasons why he does not want to let the flat to you, perhaps he suspects you will sue at the drop of a hat.
If all landlords had the right to sue tenants each time they did not turn up to view we’d all be millionaires by now.
Just a final point are you going to sue the next company that turns you down for a job.
Its prospective tenants like you that make this job 10 times harder to do.


when we can sue tenants for abusing us and causing stress damage to landlords then you are welcome to try also


You are absolutely correct. Nobody should abuse others.

Just to clarify, I paid 25000 gbp upfront after receiving assurance from agent that the land lord agreed to go ahead. I have all evidence to show to court to prove how far we gone ahead with this deal and landlord keep hitting around the bush to delay and eventually he used me and wasted time and effort I put in this. Now we left with virtually no time to find another property. So put yourself in my shoes and make a fair judgement

Abusing you??? This doesn’t qualify as abuse. What if you get easily stressed? Some people would have zero stress from this, so who’s fault is that? No contract equals no chance.

It cost you a lot expenses to sue the courts dont see your case as piority these days so beter to move with your life.

you are correct about those who have zero stress. Landlord such as this one is no different to scammers.

Let’s say you as a tenant agreed verbally to take a property offered to you by a landlord. You both made arrangements and discussed timescales of moving in but then after a few weeks you change your mind and withdraw from the deal. Does this make you a scammer?

Circumstances change for whatever reason. Every deal has a chance of falling through.

I agree it puts you in a really bad position. This happens equally to landlords but without tenancy agreement signed its difficult to sue.

Did you get everything you paid back?

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The issue is that we paid deposit and received assurance. I agree with your point of there was no deposit paid. The same deposit should have been taken from the landlord by the agent I called them agent ‘S’with offices everywhere. Agent did fail to do so and they did come back to us after 11 days to say sorry. We had two other opportunity on the same day which we had to let go after putting deposit in.

Have you given notice on your current home? Could this potentially make you homeless or force you into a hotel for example?

If all it’s done is delay things for a few weeks then you aren’t out of pocket so nothing to sue for.

It would be far more stressful to sue especially given the fact no guarantees of winning whilst paying for lawyers to sun themselves.

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Have you signed a tenancy agreement?

We do understand your situation and of course it’s not right, but the problem with going to court is proof.

You have to prove your losses.
Are you able to do that?

You said you gave up two other properties but have you got proof that you were definitely offered them?

Because opportunity to apply is different to a concrete offer.

Yes I have proof that I have received email confirmation that I can have other property.

I have not but paid deposit and received agent assurance who knew that I can sign with others if this landlord were to say no at that juncture

Are you out of pocket or will you be?

In part it depends on exactly what was promised and what evidence you have. What were the words used in emails?