Landlord not replying to two emails

Hi Colin,
No it’s true, no landlord knowingly will put a bad tenant into their home. And it is a shame when you get one, for it is people like that in all cases, that ruin it for good people.

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Open Rent have over a 100 properties within a 2km reach of you, i.e. within a twenty minute walk of East Croydon Station. Try to avoid properties in west croydon: I have never had a problem but Croydon people would advise you to avoid that area, but if interested in foreign food, you can pick up most of the ingredients that you may need along the London Road there.
This is the council, for over twenty years, will not give you a place to stay unless you are in the mental health system as a patient or you have children and have been evicted, and their accommodation is highly variable and range from south of Purley, with is south of Croydon, to as far north almost.

Try the following, and I believe there are two or three other properties in the same road on the same side moving closer to East Croydon Station, all of which I think were let out to temporary local workers. They may have a room or apartment and are close to both East and West Croydon station and a 40 minute walk or 510 bus to Norwood Junction station:

Westciti - Apart-Hotels & Serviced Apartments
35-37 Morland Ave, Croydon CR0 6EA, United Kingdom

+44 333 500 0500
Open now: 8am–10pm - Easter Monday might affect these hours

This may be the place that was renovated about two years ago. I have no knowledge of them, but the details came from Google Maps. I just happen to walk past them every time I walk into Croydon from home.

Good look, and good night - I am well past my bed-time where I am!

Just remembered, although the title may put you off, the following address houses two-thirds of all the charities in Croydon, so they maybe able to point you in the right direction - just ask:

Carers Information Service, Carers Support Centre, 24 George Street, Croydon, CR0 1PB
0208 649 9339 Monday to Friday 10-4; and 020 8663 5609

They are just a five minute walk from East Croydon Station on the edge of the Whitgift Centre.