Landlords, please could I have your input. thank you

Please can a landlord just give me some advice here. Is this the kind of information that I will have to provide every time I wish to view a property. Please bare in mind I have been asked to provide this before I can view the property.

Tenant applicants details
Title: Mr Miss Mrs Ms Other
First Name: Full Middle Name:
Surname: Date of birth:
National Insurance Number:
No of dependants:
Marital status: Single Married Divorced Separated Widow(er)
Daytime phone number: Mobile Number:
Work number: Email Address:
Any previous names?:
First Name: Last Name: Used Until:…………………………
Nationality:………………………………… Passport number ………………………………………
Do you need a work permit to work in the UK? Yes No
Please provide the address of any other UK property you own jointly or on your own.
Do any of the applicants enjoy diplomatic immunity? Yes No

Also they wish to know my last 3 years of address, 4 character witnesses.

Tenant identification (to be completed by the landlord)
(Proof of residency means 2 original and different documents such as bank statement, utility bill, council tax bill, telephone bill etc with the applicant’s name and current address on. The document must not be older than three months, or the most recent version if issued less frequently, when this application is made). Has a certified and signed copy of a driving licence and/or passport and/or other valid personal identification been put on file?

Yes No, specify……………………………

Next of kin. She also would like me to provide her with the same information for my adult son.

Also my doctor’s details where I give my permission for my medical records to be looked at.

Wow this is to live above a small shop, not Harrods.

I will definitely not be giving any of this information out……


do not get the doctors one ? Never asked for that

She wished to contact the doctor to ensure there is no mental health issues, that’s what she confirmed in a email, when I declined the form and cancelled my enquiry. So, do you ask for everything else before a potential tenant has viewed the property?

depends how much you want a place to live


Colin, I assuming you are a landlord, so I was asking you, do you ask a potential tenant to provide that information before you allow them to view advertised property.

even after viewing I had not asked . Maybe she has had a bad experience with a mentally ill person.

Why did you delete your post Gary?

Unreasonable to request all this before even viewing. Doctors info is a new one on me. They won’t be able to disclose anything anyway.


Thank you for your feedback, appreciate you taking the time.

I never ask for this kind of information just to view a property. I normally ask a few questions by telephone. Once the property has been viewed and the let agreed, I ask them to complete an application form based on a landlord association model.

Not good practice to ask too many questions from every viewer in my opinion.


That’s far too much information to ask at this stage. Prior to viewing, I would ask for basic info, about 5-6 questions that is similar to openrent’s automated screening questions. After viewing and wanting to proceed, the referencing agency will then ask other questions relating to credit, employment, landlord reference etc. I would NEVER need to know their national insurance, doctor information, medical records(!), passport number. Please also double check who is asking for this information, in case it could be a scam to get personal and sensitive information


I have asked for ID in shape of driving licence upon referencing a tenant


Realised after typing that I wasnt qualified to offer an opinion and that I should leave it to those who are LL

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Yes, agreed - for referencing and Right to Rent checks, tenants will need to show ID or their share code.

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If a tenant wants to see my driving licence or pay Land Registry to check I own a property that is ok with me

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Thank you all for your professional input. Moving forward gives me something to work with, so thank you.

Checking medical records is waaay too far. Do not agree to this. Sheesh.

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Thank you for taking the time to respond. I appreciate your feedback.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to respond. All your input has given me something to work with moving forward…

Way too much. This LL sounds like they should be avoided