Letting prospective tenants know they haven't been successful


New to Open Rent and the forum. We had the first viewings of our rental yesterday and have moved one prospective tenant through to the referencing stage. I wanted to at least email the shortlisted unsuccessful people explaining, in the nicest possible way, that they hadn’t been successful at this stage but that we would contact them if the tenant we selected had unsatisfactory references etc.

I assumed I would be able to go to the enquiries on the dashboard and contact people. But because I have accepted a holding deposit from the successful tenant all the previous communications with other viewers is no longer visible.

Does anyone know how I can find those enquiries and communicate with the people who viewed the property?

Thanks in advance, Colin.

I think you might only be able to see the unsuccessful tenants if you reject the successful tenant. Next time you can let everyone on the shortlist know the bad news via Reply All (assuming you have already got shot of the people from the longlist).

Hi Colin,

Sorry that we missed this post and have not responded sooner.

When viewing your listing, you can still see your previous enquiries and let them know the situation. On your listing page you can press “view all” under the tenant enquiries number. This will bring up your enquiries page where you can select each enquiry and view the thread.

If you have any further questions about this, please get in touch here.

All the best,


Thanks for the reply. I did eventually manage to find that myself so I was able to communicate with all the people who viewed and showed interest.

I’m new to Open Rent and I have to say it’s been really excellent. User friendly, easy to follow, great information. First class in fact.


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