Many enquiries but nothing happens

In the same boat, I’ve taken my property down until the lockdown is lifted

Hi Robert. I have 2 properties currently advertised on Openrent. I asked Openrent whether they would be extending the 3 month advertising time limit in view of the current pandemic / health crisis. Their response:

Thanks for getting in touch.

Unfortunately, we won’t be extending the current three month advertising limit.

Please do let us know if we can help with anything else.

Openrent not being very helpful I’m afraid :frowning:

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glad you posted this .I have a place to rent out. i will wait a month

It was worth a try, ive pulled my listings, and will wait til the Covid-19 restrictions are over.
But like you, im not happy with OpenRent…& ive voiced my experience- to other Landlords.

I think people have time on their hands and are ‘testing’ the market with no intention of doing anything NOW. When a Landlord offers to allow a viewing they tend to get cold feet !

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I’ve always found this a problem when people can enquire over the internat. I find that the best solution is to ask for a phone mumber and ring them. If they don’t get back witb a number, I don’t engage

I prefer the opposite. I ask questions thru openrent… so they dont have my phone number until I am happy with their answers

I’ve also taken my listing down (first attempt with openrent). Prior to that I had one enquiry, sent a response and then heard nothing for a week, and then a really weird message which I ignored. From the start their enquiry sounded a bit weird so, like David, I was sceptical of it’s validity. It felt more like a prank message than a genuine enquiry.

hello friends
Since I started this thread I thought I should update you on the fact that I finally had a successful outcome with OpenRent!
When I least expected it, a nice person came forward and we agreed a tenancy pretty quickly (all in one day), albeit at a lower rate than we would have hoped, but the lovely person deserved it. And I now deserve to take a break from all the hassle of wasteful enquiries, no show viewings, unanswered queries etc. I wish you future success and thank you for your help and advice - Colin, you are a star :slight_smile:

Mrs David (David’s better half)


david90 I am so delighted to hear of a good result keep going , patience you get the reward, piece of mind with no worry is worth a lower rent .We will all have to do the same. thumbs up

We are having same experience but other way around. We have had contacted for past 2 weeks a landlord or agent that is looking after 3 properties in central Oxford as 2bed flat, they have changed prices recently and still advertise as available, but he never answer us, so we aren’t sure why this listings keep on being available and we get no answer or interest.

Katyopera do you mean contacted on open rent?

its too easy for enquirers to ask for viewings. leave an autoreply saying thanks please call during office hours only interested parties will call. things are tough during coronavirus, we have let some props to benefits cases which we wouldnt normally do

I placed my add just before 3rd lockdown. I’ve now been made aware of the 3 month limit. This has never been an issue before as my flat usually is let within a couple of weeks - but these are not normal times.
I have had nothing but positive, past experiences with OpenRent so I am saddened/surprised at their inflexibility.

Hello Paul,

Are you thinking of selling all or part of your Portfolio?

Hello John,
Are you selling all or part of your Portfilio?