New Legislation for DSS

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Can anyone explain to me why this new change of the law toward DSS is not applied on this website?

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Here is the link to the new BBC News and The law

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It’s only been 5 minutes.
It’s not law yet, not expected to be until Oct perhaps.

If you think it will make a difference with DSS applicants you are mistaken. It will just waste everyone’s time.


It’s not law. Steady on.

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and it will not be discrimination if a HB tenant does not have the means to pay the rent as the HB allowance is too low.


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As we can notice, it is the Law now
Perhaps it takes time to be done in public.
It is not 5 min, this Law was under consideration when Boris Johnson was a prime Minister.

You will see very soon that it would be illegal to refuse to accept a DSS application, which is really unprofessional and not intellectual. Many DSS clients have much better, higher education (PHD and above ) with fabulous background but due to their illness or other life circumstances, they can not work.

It’s the lack of intelligence of the landlord and their poor background to be very judgmental and clearly discriminative to refuse the DSS application and even label their advertisement as such

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It is NOT the law, yet.

A landlord is the best person qualified to be able to assess who they wish to take on as a tenant.

They are the ones who have the experience and are best positioned to make the risk assessment.

Are there some good DSS tenants, yes of course, every LL knows this. Statistics and facts tell us it’s the riskiest option. This is the intelligent route.

Since when does having a PHD make them a less risky option?? Some of the worst tenants are often doctors. In my experience it’s often the more intelligent they are, the craftier they behave :slight_smile:


It is a kind of truth!!

I have a different outlook on people who have been to university than yours, even though I respect your point of view but the discipline of being a university student, hard brain working makes people’s brain work more effectively and of course if you are awful to anyone, they would stand up for themselves and educated people much better than others. It’s a tough job to get a PHD, not everyone can handle that!

Funny enough, I am a post graduate statistician.

When our research is done, it with being close to the truth with a 95% confidence interval. We hand it to the National statistic Department. They kind of twist the result and feed people with what they give them more benefits.

I don’t accept what I read in the newspaper as the truth of society’s statistical measurement.

Strange world, and judgmental life it is
Thank you for your time and reply

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I agree and understand fully what you are saying.

Life experience and gut reaction is the real judge, and beats any statistic, and even anecdotal evidence is somewhere in the mix.

Unfortunately DSS tenants get rent paid direct to them. This is a big problem for landlords.


This must annoy you, knowing that the results of your findings are totally distorted?


As you mentioned “ the landlord property is the Landlord’s decision and Landlord’s beneficial situation and they don’t care about social issues “ so we do our jobs and get paid and the rest is with the government’s choices either it is invalid or not, it’s not our business :wink::+1:

that is a very discriminating answer Some of those who went to university became leaders of countries !! Enough said .Look at the state of the world…


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he rules against discrimination against DSS has been in force before this but there are many loopholes. I have to disagree with your opinion that intelligence is irrelevant to any landlord and agree with Mark that many people in highly respected roles such as Doctors can be some of the worst tenants and have witnessed this first hand as my sister used to be a private landlord and they left her property in a disgrace £1000’s in damage and it took a professional cleaning company 3 days to clean the house. I do not understand why DSS tenants are not lobbying their local MP’s to change the rules on how private landlords should be paid directly not left to tenants who feel it’s totally up to them to decide wether they should pay their rent or not! Legislation is causing the already out of control housing crisis in to a major disaster! Without the private sector homelessness is going to rise considerably and the cost is going to far outweigh the costs of building more affordable housing. The balance between tenants and landlords is disgracefully unbalanced!


Thank you for your reply
It is what you have seen and what you have experienced, but you Generalise your own bad experience .

This is true that nothing is purely black and white and there are a million colours between the two. In my opinion, the DSS clients are still human beings with their minds, own authority and own human dignity. We can not say because they are DSS, they have to pay the landlord through the third person. Would you say that to private tenants if they rent your properties?!!

Private tenants can stop paying rent and exactly do the same as DSS tenants.
As you have mentioned yourself, it is a fact of gut feeling and luck and the kind of person who you are renting your property.

All the best

Are you not generalising based on first hand experience?

Most people would struggle to build a house, or tile a roof. The people that do this have their own methods of standing up for themselves I’m sure :slight_smile:

“Every cripple finds their own way of walking”.


There’s a saying, you don’t put the rat in charge of the cheese.

When you are in a situation where there is low income and the benefits goes direct to tenant, this is a problem.

Look at the stats for rent arrears for dss claimants.

When there is choice (as there is now) a LL will choose the proven option first. They don’t assume all dss to be bad people.

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Very true
But what I meant is the “majority of the population “.
I apologise if I have given you the impression of generalising for the number 1 probability :wink::+1:

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Check out how many millions are owed to the social housing sector in unpaid rent. and how many are on HB

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I agree with you but my point is that good and bad can be found in any kind of society, country and general population but it’s only the case of luck. My sister had a private tenant who smashed all her windows, took out the flooring and then left for another country.

He was working full-time and was not getting any benefits. Actually trysting the income of some disabled people in the UK is much more trustworthy than private tenants and of course in the north of Europe and the Scandinavian countries even better.

But yes, I do agree with you that nothing is black or white either educated or not educated

I think part of the problem is not being to easily distinguish between DSS claimant “types”.

IE. Someone who has never worked or long term unemployed then how would any sane LL want this type of tenant?. Someone in and out of jobs would also be a problem.

I myself do have tenants who are disabled and i will not exclude them. But i do not want someone whos not disabled whos work shy and lazy and with no work ethic. Someone whos lost their long term job would be less of an issue.

But the benefits system isnt easy for the LL, its an increased unnecessary risk. For example, rent is paid in arrears and can take months to be paid. If a tenant has been fraudulent then any rent paid to the landlord must be paid back by the landlord!

Theres little incentive to want DSS tenants.