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NO Dss landlord are being sued

HB can only be paid directly to the landlord if the tenant is in arrears with their rent

Will just waste applicants and landlords time. Landlords will stop advertising No DSS, does not mean they will start accepting them. DSS tenants will find themselves wasting their time contacting landlords/ agents who can’t / won’t rent to them instead of focusing on the ones that will.

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I’m with you. There’s plenty of landlords out there happy to accept Dss. Maybe if the powers that be pay me the £4000 I lost on my very first venture into lettings I would reconsider. They can sue me but all that will mean is that I sell my hard earned properties and the council can house them. Its time to stop all this stupid molly coddling and dictating to hard working people who have strived to pay their own way in retirement instead of relying on benefits.


I think you sum up the situation perfectly… one day government will wake up and realise that the industry they have so constantly attacked for public attention provided a critical service to the housing shortage … its organisations such as Shelter that have fueled the flames of hate towards us with its constant propaganda .
In my own situation recently i had a tenant who paid zero in rent for 8 months and under local authority advice remained in the property to the last … this recently decorated and new carpets in both bedroom flat had £3850 worth of damage … carpets so badly stained … it took 5 weeks to complete the works … this tenant was re housed with partner and baby by the council to a flat next to mine … a flat managed by the council for a private landlord …its just shocking that they moved in without any kind of reference from me .
I would warn any landlord reading this … never to rent using a council as the agent

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Not sure how that one could be proved. The government has created this one. They have decided in their wisdom that claimants need to be able to budget so they pay the tenant direct. On top of that it is standard for the landlord to have to wait several months for rent to come and we don’t even get a curtesy letter to say the claimant has been paid. When a landlords calls up, we are given little or no information regarding the claim.

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TRacy makes a good point.the Gov have decided to let people run their own Rent life by making the payment to them. Years ago when I got a benefit direct instead of the tenant. He said to me “good job you get the rent direct otherwise I would have spent it.”!!! Its all in arrears payment and you can wait 12 weeks for rent… Even if the tenant tells the council to pay us direct this can take a time and if something goes wrong the landlord is the easiest one to GET, not the tenant. That is why I have even kept a place empty for months rather than rent out to dss. Nothing will persuade me to do otherwise

She sued because of sex discrimination not dss discrimination