Questions from First Time Landlord

Hi all,

This is the first time being landlord, may I know

  1. I have 3 sets of key, can landlord keep one set and pass the rest to tenants?
  2. since mine is new built and really want to keep it at the best condition, Apart from safety requirement, may I ask my tenant not to use nail on my walls (sorry for my stupid question)

Thank you for all your answer.

yes and yes. Only enter after giving notice at least 24 hrs

Thanks a lot for your help

Provided whatever they want to hang or display on the walls is not overly heavy, ask them to use 3M command strips which come in different sizes. They stick onto the wall but won’t damage it provided you remove them carefully.

  1. yes
  2. I dont mind them putting pictures and usig hanging hooks/nails on the walls. This is going to their home and they should be allowed and feel comfortable to make it like their home. You can use filler, then sand and paint after they leave - this is easy to do. Be prepared to repaint after they leave to make it fresh for new tenants - not a big deal and this is part of landlord life.

Make sure you do a check-in and check-out reports


Oliver if tenants move every Yr I don’t want to hold the paint brush or instruct anyone else for painting.They need to understand the limitations of a year long contract. 25 yrs ago when new into the country I had rented an apartment, I was new and did not not know a round mark where I kept a oil tin made a mark and the agent deducted 50 pounds. Fast forward now when everything is in favour of the tenant I don’t want the pain of tenants who read too much in between the lines and assert themselves for all the wrong reasons with a blatant lie which we cannot prove and the adjudicators rule now mostly always in favour of the tenants towards tenants even if they provide false info. Painting, remedial work and is not done just by the patch work and need whole wall or ceiling painted. Time is money is time


  1. Yes. If you have 3 sets of keys then keep 2 sets. It is up to the tenant to get more keys cut if he/she wishes.
  2. Yes, you can ask your tenant but if there is any other way of fixing (Eg. double sided tape) whatever he/she wants to put on the wall then it is best to compromise. If it’s only a small nail in a wall then it’s unlikely to do much harm and you can tell the tenant that when he/she moves out you wish them to remove the nail and make good the hole/damage.

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