Reading the meter

Has any one experienced this. Got e mail from meter readers , Morrisons Data Services, " E D F have asked us to read your meter, or can you please supply us with your meter reading , send us your reading," … Now I have 3 properties with EDF but they do not tell me which one they want. the reading from … In the same e mail they say do not reply to this e mail !!! Is this stupid or what ? They also say they will read the meter at this (unknown to me) address anytime between 27 th Dec and Jan 20th. As if I am going to wait in. !!

Not experienced it. I would ignore it or forward it to EDF to have them confirm if it’s genuine.

I’d probably just ignore it - what are they going to do? Charge you for not going to an unspecified property :slight_smile:

I’d ignore it. But if you are worried , give them a ring - speak to them or email them. I am sure they have contact info on their site.

I’ve always given the readings to my supplier (whoever it is at the time) but every few years they will send some one to take readings on their behalf. Usually unannounced. Never been an issue.

I get all this One of the propertiesis empty, another is my commercial unit and I am not always there. Which one is it ? Why cannot they just say in their E mail It is as if they are scared of disclosure .I have had difficulty with a few of the utility companies when on the phone they just do not believe a low reading

Hi Colin
Not sure if you have already resolved this issue but I used to work for Npower SME but 99% of business premises have the same meters as domestic dwellings.
Is there a a reference number that is 21 digits long anywhere on the email? This will be the MPAN (meter point administration number) which is unique to each meter so if you can see this number then cross reference it to any past bills or correspondence (it’s usually broken down in a set of boxes). If there is nothing like that on the email then I’d take the other advice and ignore it because if you can’t see which property it relates to (and knowing how bad the customer service can be with many energy companies) I guarantee they will just use the “computer says no” response causing unnecessary stress lol.

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Julie1 Hullo There is no reference at all to any address or meter number This is what is frustrating.

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Have you got an online account with this company if not I suggest you register then once you have logged on with your password I think it will then identify the property mine did.
I think in the first instance when you get the request they are protecting your details.

He’d still need to know what meter he is reading from.

The way energy companies work today I’m not surprised. How many of your meters are external? Maybe you could narrow it down that way because external meters wouldn’t require an appointment or permission for entry and on your bills it should tell you if you are billed by customer reading or meter reader and last would be E=Estimate. The meter reading companies are just as useless too.

There should be somewhere on the initial request to click on and take you to a page to open the account, you don’t need to input meter numbers or addresses, this will come up after you have opened the account.


I get the bit about protecting my details . But they are protecting it from me !

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I have no external meters. My best couse would be to read the EDF meters and drop them a line with the readings for all 3 .


with Morrisons Data . You click “supply your meter reading” and all it does is give you a box to fill in the reading. Nothing else !

I have the same problem with EON, I ended up using different email addresses for each property but I forward all these emails to one email address so I only have to log into one email address to read all the others, if that makes sense? I’m sure there are other ways.