Reference - 12 months income doesn't match annual income due to maternity pay

Hi, my wife just submitted the reference check. She has a good annual income (as per her contract), but within the past 12 months, she was on maternity pay for 4 months. The OpenRent reference uses Open Bank to check her income record from the bank, and naturally this would be lower than expected (compared to full pay without maternity leave). The system gave a warning about this, and now we are worried that she might fail the reference check. Does anyone have similar experience? I know we will know the answer in a few days, but feel quite worried in the meantime. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

If youve let the referencing company and the landlord know this in advance youve done all you could.

Thank you very much David! Hopefully my comment will be picked up by someone at the referencing company.

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