Reference issues


I’m in a bit of a bind atm. I’m currently in the referencing stage of a tenancy application and my landlord is refusing to give me a references

The reason is because I made a complaint to the property redress scheme about breaching of the tenancy agreement, they ended up siding with me and demanding that they pay me money for the issues that I was having.

After this I decided to leave a little early and sent an email advising I would be leaving. And the next day they suddenly reopened the case despite having 2 weeks at this point to do so. And have made it clear they won’t do it until the case is closed.

I feel like I’m being shaked down here and don’t know what to do. My last address was with a parent and the one before that with an actual letting agents was 3 years ago.

Are they even allowed to refuse to give a reference for this reason?

that’s no time at all. Get in touch with them and get a reference off them.

Forget your current LL. The relationship has soured and they’re not going to play ball.

A reference from a former LL is far more valuable than a current one. A current LL will say anything if they want you out.

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