Rent collection reference

I really like the rent collection option within OpenRent and have set up two new tenancies with it. However when the payment arrives the reference is simply the OpenRent tenancy number, which would be fine for one or two properties, but would be a ballache for lots.

Can we have the ability to specify the rent payment reference ourselves? Or alternatively, include the property address or tenant name in the reference.

The lack of an easily identifiable reference against the payment is going to put me off using this feature.


Hi Kim,

Glad to hear you’re a fan of our Rent Collection feature!

There’s not a way to input your own payment reference I’m afraid.

I appreciate it may be an eyesore when you receive multiple rent payments in one go, but don’t worry, each reference will be unique and easy to match up to a tenancy on the website.

We also email you confirming when rent is transferred, so this is another way to keep tabs on things.

If you’ve any further feedback on this service, feel free to share.


Hi Kim
I couldn’t agree more. Having a property reference with no obvious link to a property is really confusing. I have a block of 12 identical flats and it just makes mistakes inevitable.

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Hi Kim & Roger,
Thanks for highlighting this. I have the same issue, which is why I only use Rent Collection for one property - so I know what it is for!
I have the same issue when the first month’s rent is transferred. It would be a big help if the reference were to be the property address.

First line of the address would be more useful as a reference. Shouldn’t be difficult to do for the IT team.

I really like rent collection. Use it for two properties at present, looking to double or more over the coming months - but agree could get problematic if I had much larger numbers.


Hi all,

Thanks for providing your thoughts on this.

We love it when our users share their feedback on our products. We’re going to take this on board and discuss with the technical team how we can improve this component of Rent Collection.

I’ll post back in here once we have an update on this!