Renting with pets

Why is it so hard to find a property that allows pets? :sleepy:

Myself, my partner & our young son are desperately looking for somewhere to rent but constantly being told no because we have a dog!

I really thought things would be different looking in 2019!! It’s estimated 70% of households own pets… no idea why landlords would discriminate such a large group of people!!

I was told OpenRent was the best to look for pet friendly rentals but I’m really having no luck! Despite properties clicking for no pets… do you think it’s even worth emailing landlords and asking??

We have a small dog (French Bulldog) who is a house trained adult and a very much loved member of the family!

Hi, speaking as a landlord, the problem is that even if there isn’t specific damage from a pet it can be hard to ensure that a clean at end of tenancy removes all traces for the next tenant. Odours tend to remain and flea treatments are needed. The new rules around deposits mean extra can’t be taken for pets. You could maybe offer an extra rental amount per month to cover such costs, and see whether that would persuade a landlord who had said no pets initially. That is now the only way a landlord can be sure not to bear a loss, as professional clean can’t be insisted on.
Sorry it’s not great news for pet owners.


just because its 2019 makes no odds, even in1919 animals smells can spoil a property . We do not have the time to check the smell in an existing rental or home. Pet owners get used to it. Just because you love your pet does not mean I have to , nor the tenant after you.

I can assure you that my house does not smelll of my dog and she as good oral hygiene she is bath regular .and my landlord comes to check .I think its called looking after your dog and your home what you rent. Sometimes if you realywant to do check you should go to the place where they live and that is the way they will treat your property. I Think im a good tennant my house is spotless And i pay my rent ontime .but i have a iva which finishes in nov

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I have the same issue, i have a house cat, castrated and registered to the vet ( so i can provide evidence of treatments for fleas, parasites etc). I can also provide plenty of references to prove that i look after my pet and look after the property, i also offered extra on top of rents, like a double deposit, split over the monthly payment. Despite this i keep getting rejected, i am not even sure they bother checking the references i provide. Are you entirely sure that discriminatory practice isn’t also connected to mere lazyness or excessively " being tight"? So far i have seen ( and i unfortunately live) in properties that are running on fumes because the landlords simply cannot be bothered to invest a penny in their own business and source of income, not even to comply with the Housing Act standards. With this practice a big chunk of population is very easy prey of blackmail and forced to live in poorly kept properties because the freedom of moving in better places is basically take away. No pets, no kids, no this no that… I fear there’s something else that plays part in this nightmarish home hunting than just blaming the tenants. Not that they’re always innocent, but at least check the references before rejecting an application. :wink:

No Landlord can take a double deposit. You are not being blackmailed and if you dont ask for a gas safety certificate then you are not doing yourself a favour. A landlord can choose who or what he has in his property, just as you can choose to have kids or not, a pet or not, smoke or not

No, landlords cannot take more than 5 weeks worth deposit, the law is changed and i had confirmation also by state agents.
By " running on fumes" i meant that the properties are barely standing, just few inches above being condemmed, in my case the confirmation was given from the council itself that inspected the property.
And no again, my freedom is limited by what type of apartment i can rent, since if you check the offers out there, the 99% are: no pets, no smokers, no dss, no kids, so no, you can’t have a pet ( if you do good luck), you cannot smoke, you cannot have kids you cannot have benefits, you get evicted or you are simply trapped where you are, and if your landlord is a rogue, it’s blackmail: take this crap or be homeless, landlords of this type run properties in this way exactly because they know the enormous advantage they can take without spending a penny. :slight_smile:

If the properties are barely standing you must not live there ,it would not be safe. No one has freedom, all our freedoms are limited whether you are a landlord or tenant You may not have the freedom to smoke, have a pet or kids in a place that is not owned by yourself. The landlord does not have the freedom to let you do what you want as we know from experience that one pet can lead to two pets . Another tenant in the same house may be allergic to animals . What about their freedom? Some properties are not suitable for children . If they cry at night, what about other tenants freedom to have a good nights sleep? Freedom ? No one has total freedom, it does not exist

Well…i am noticing that landlords have no issues whatsoever with drug addicts, drug dealers, dealers dens in their properties, violent tenants, noise, music and even fewer issues in not carrying out any maintenance, but eih…no pets!
I wish i could move in a better place, but guess what? No pets, no kids, no DSS, no smokers, no this no that… is downright discrimination, stop the rubbish talk.
Tenants pay deposit in order to cover damages and to be honest i have found far more annoying the tenants next door dealing drugs then the dog that lives in the flat below mine.
Yet, when the landlor was put against his responsabilities ( allowing illegal activities in your property can put you in troubles, the landlord is accountable, according to both police and council) guess what? The one getting the threat of eviction is you, not the criminal. Sorry, spare me the lies, i know my rights and duties as tenant and it all comes down to lazyness and being tight as hell.

you think landlords know when drugs are going on in their properties? not allways but if you know why are YOU not telling the police ?You have the freedom to do that.You know your rights and duties as a tenant dont be lazy and tight as hell . go to the police, If you dont you are being as tight as hell

50% of households have a pet not 70% ,split almost equally between cats and dogs

Read again my message: i know those things because i HAVE REPORTED the matter.
To the police and to the council. You’re barking at the wrong tree.

I’m having exactly the same problem I’ve got 8 days left in my property and can’t get no where because I have a dog who is also a fully trained adult dog x I hope you get a place good luck