Tenant from Hong Kong

Good afternoon,

I have a possible tenant for my property. He is from Hong Kong and is not able to provide a UK post code to put down a holding deposit, however he does have a UK debit card. Is anyone able to advise how to progress?

Thank you.

Be careful.
How long this tenant is out of country?
Has he got a guarantor in UK?
Please check full references, character reference, criminal check etc etc

As far as concern, having a debit card it’s not a guarantee.

The tenant is currently a resident of China, however he does have the right to rent in the UK.

The finance isn’t an issue, more so that he does not have a UK post code. This is stopping him from placing his holding deposit. Just need to figure out how he can place the holding deposit without the need of a UK postcode.

If you were happy for him to pay 6 months rent in advance and for deposit.
Also could ask what does he do and will do when he comes to UK.

If he going to work for any company then ask for employer’s reference and contract.
If student then university’s letter and you can contact to reconfirm.

Have you asked the tenant about their finances? How do they propose to pay the rent. The deposit and postcode should not be an issue at all. I have an excellent tenant who is from HK. You will need to check right to rent, visa etc carefully however there are many people looking to move from HK who have right to live in the UK. Many only move after they have firm job offers etc.

Reference anyone before you rent out.

Anmol, if he has a UK Debit card, he’ll have to have given the bank a UK address to obtain it.
(even if it’s a “Care of”/correspondence address).
The bank will have carried out Credit Ref. checks/due diligence before approving/issuing it? Was he here temporarily, previously? At Uni?
Presumably, the residents of the address he’s given did agree to him using it? And they pass on any post received in his name? Or, has he just continued to use a PREVIOUS address?
Having the right to rent in the UK ALREADY confirmed suggests he either i) qualifies by law or ii) has sorted it out here previously. You need to ASK HIM relevant questions to satisfy yourself, preferably in writing so you have an audit trail of his answers - and get copy docs. proving what’s he’s saying.

No, they can get a HSBC UK debit card in Hong Kong with a Hong Kong address.

Hi Man2, my apologies! A ‘school day’ for me - I’m happy to learn new stuff all the time! Presumably, it’s only Chinese banks that can do this, in view of Hong Kong residents’ entitlement to live in the UK? It does appear that China has the best of both worlds though - it’s taking full advantage of the financial freedoms where it can issue ‘UK’ Debit cards to Hong Kong residents BUT, politically, it doesn’t afford them the same freedoms they were entitled to under the ‘50 year’ agreement on independence from Britain? I digress!

I get a lot of enquiries from hong Kong directly or via their agencies. Some say it is for themselves later turns out it is for their friend or distant relative. However affordability is not an issue initially. Still I would not rent to someone who showed me a namesake Co registered here in UK, Not working for over 1 Yr in the country, but not give me details of source of income in Hong Kong. Too many unknowns means unreliable, overall experience has been OK

if u think he is OK to proceed may be take the deposit outside openrent, take his permanent address proof in Hong Kong though. All BNO Nationals will have produced one to home office.

i’m Hi, My tenant came from HK and had no UK address. All visa etc and passport checked out fine. I could not be happier with my tenant. Everything was done via Open Rent and I think we just put the property address postcode as there was no other.

yes I find they r honest and trying to find a home, but some do have very high expectations! they don’t understand about our retrofit houses especially when viewing remotely.

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