Tenant misspelt name, now we can't change it

The tenant mis-spelt name on one of the tenants, so I deleted it. But openrent system keeps reverting to the original mis-spelt entry.

Even reverts when I try and add it.

Anyone know how to fix it?

Thanks for reaching out. I can see you’ve emailed our support team already, and they’ll be in touch with the next steps. This is a public forum, so we can’t post specific / personal information or links here, but rest assured someone will get back to you shortly to resolve this.

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Hi Leo,

I’ve emailed another issue the guarantor is having.

Apparently Metro Bank is not on your listed banks?


Hi Jayesh,

We have a list of all the banks that support Open Banking here:

If a tenants bank does not support Open Banking then we can use their employment referee to verify their income.


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