Tenant reported rat issue in Garage a week before vacating the house

My tenants reported rats issue in the Garage which chewed their fridge foam near compressor. The tenant stayed at the property for almost 20 months and it’s given as unfurnished and all white goods provided. They never reported any rats issue before . The garage is detached from the property.They placed their own fridge in the garage and now asking me to replace their fridge or I need to arrange some one to open the fridge from back side and confirm that there are no rats.
They were expecting me to buy a new fridge and deliver to their new location .

All this happened just a week before they were about to vacate.

I had suggested him that I can arrange private pest control but I can’t replace the fridge as it’s not my responsibility and it’s not the fridge provided by me .

Could anyone kindly suggest on this ?


Sounds like you’ve made a very reasonable response. Unless you told them that it was safe to leave their fridge in the garage then its their liability. My guess is that they hadn’t cleaned it properly and rats could smell food remnants.

Hi David , thanks for your response and I am not aware he had a spare fridge in the Garage . I am getting pest control person today to look in to this . He was insisting me to dispose his old fridge and buy an alternate fridge and deliver to his new home .

He almost vacated the house except that Fridge in the garage. He was still cleaning the property .
He keep on saying taking that fridge is a health Hazard to him but that’s not my appliance .

He was the one who operated garage all the time and I can only offer pest control guy to check the premises .

If he doesn’t take the fridge by Monday which was his last day of the contract what are my options ?

Could you please suggest ?


tell if not picked up in 30 days you will dispose of it

And that tenant will be liable for costs to dispose of.

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Thanks Colin for your response .

Thanks Colin and Mark for your response .

They should have their own home insurance which of course will not cover this!! You never told them it was safe to store things there so it’s their problem. Garages are not meant to be air tight etc and not fir storage!.is the garage attached ti house? Just curious & did you resolve it?

I would not give any deposit back until it’s sorted.

MAKE SURE YOU LET THEM KNOW YOU WILL CHARGE ThEM for Disposal. Video opening the fridge up.

Can you let us know what happens I’m always curious about these kinds of things. Hope they have seen the light- ITS THEIR PROBLEM NOT YOURS!!

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