Tenant with carer, one or two tennancy agreements?

Hi All,
We have had an enquiry from someone who is on PiP, old disablility allowance, who has a live in carer, with the same name, they are not married. They split all costs 50:50.

They have requested two seperate tennancy agreements. My concern is, do this come under multi-occupancy, which we wish to avoid.
Can we do a single tennancy agreement with both names on it, stating they split costs.

If think the issue is they do not want to jepordise the Personal independance Payment (form of benefit).

Any pointers would be welcome. Many thanks.

You may want to be more interested what your mortgage company and buildings insurance company Think about the proposal as I am very sure they will not allow it.

Hi Andrew,
No mortgage involved.

Out of interest, not allowed, on what grounds?

Generally insurance ask what type of tennant, professional, retired etc,


well you are one of few mortgage free property tycoons out there so 1 less worry for you, yes insurances are usually rather specific with tenants occupation as you say, i wanted to move in council benefit claimants to find that my mortgage and my buildings insurance both dont permit such activities, i then checked with my other mortgages only to find the same result which is most frustrating indeed as i would need to wait for my mortgage to expire then re-mortgage according to if im renting to a benefits tenant or not, it sort of feels a bit like discrimination to me.

Certainly not a tycoon my friend. Ended up trying to help family out, then found ourselves with a property to pay for. So increased mortgage on our own property to avoid that complication. Then just hard graft, to be mortgage free.

Upside, we do plan to move into it when right for us. Cheers

You do understand that there is further complexity for renting a property out and then deciding to move into in other words it’s very seldom financially worth it in fact quite the opposite usually especially regarding tax.

Hi Andrew,

Ironically enough, never was purchased to rent out, but will cross that bridge, if we get to it. Lol.

Thanks for the information. Mike

Unfortunately the property world today doesn’t financially allow you to cross bridges when you get there without extortionate financial penalties.

i advise you to plan what you want to do well in advance or you will suffer guaranteed.