'Tenants Don’t Know Their Responsibilities' says Citizens Advice

Nine out of 10 tenants do not know which responsibilities are theirs and which are the landlord’s.

That’s according to a Citizens Advice report released this week. The report on disrepair of rental properties also found that 1 in 3 landlords find it hard to keep up with rules and regulations.

Some key landlord takeaways from that report:

  • 96% of landlord did not realise that failing to serve the How to Rent Guide to tenants means they cannot use their Section 21 repossession powers later in the tenancy
  • Despite 92% of tenants getting their responsibilities wrong, 84% of them say they are confident that they know their own obligations
  • 1 in 20 tenants had reported their landlord to Environment Health at some point
  • Bad landlords are not being held to account: 63% of landlords did not address a repair issue after being contacted by Environment Health
  • 75% of landlords think a single national body for standards would make their job easier

What do you think?

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Sam Am I getting this right? There is a"" HOW. to Rent "guide that has to be given to Tenants. The RIGHT to rent is a check that landlords have to do that ensures the person can legally be in the country. I did not realise that "RIGHT to Rent " is in a format{guide}. that has to be given to a prospective tenant

I am replying to myself ! I cant find a RIGHT TO RENT guide that has to be served on a tenant ,only a HOW to rent guide.

You’re quite right Colin. Thanks for spotting this! I have corrected it now.

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