Tennants damaged Fridge freezer

Our tennants are due to move out soon and it has been noted that the American fridge freezer has a big dent in the door which looks like it has been punched.

Any advice welcome as we have never had any damaged done to our property before. We have tried to source how much a new door would cost but can’t seem to find any.

We are moving back to our house when the tenants moved out.

Good luck
Unfortunately, The dispute resolution team may put it down to wear and tear .
Try and see if you get lucky
You would only get the cost of the door at best

Does the damage affect its functioning? If not at the moment, could it affect it later? You may want to check this with the manufacturer in case there are important components behind the door cover. If its function is unaffected, the deposit scheme may only award you a small sum for cosmetic damage. If there is any possibility that its more than cosmetic damage you should get more. You would have to claim for the original cost less dilapidation and less residual value.

If it has been punched its not wear and tear its damage.
Firstly ask the tenant how it was caused. See if they admit anything , I guess that theyll say its wear and tear or they dont know or its always been like that.
Once you have started a dialogue you can ask them if they will get it repaired or if they prefer you to do it.
They will be wanting their deposit.
If you cant find a replacement door then you will need to replace the fridge and claim all of it against the deposit.

Its your choice whether you then live with the damage or replace it.

Dependent upon the age of the fridge comes betterment , and then you could reduce the replacement cost by 10-15 percent per year if you wish.

However you make your claim to DPS and they can contest it or counter your offer.