Theft of fridge freezer

My tenant left t days into the motice period, is she liable for the gas and electric until the end of the tenancy period?
Also she has stolen my fridge freezet
And lastly i’ve found evidence that she qas living with her partner whilst claiming to be a single parent to UC

tell her if the fridge does not turn up undamaged. the LA will somehow find out about her situation

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Yes, tenant is liable until end of tenancy.

Yet another ringing endorsement of UC tenants.


I also love it when they come here and start fighting with LL acting all entitled “to be given a chance” and getting angry at the counter-arguments.

I’ll try that argument when my car insurance goes up if I ever buy a 3.8L Nissan GTR and move to a dodgy area. I’ll argue that Im the bestest safest driver ever and will always lock it up, promise. Their fact based stats on what happens when someone owns this car mean nowt do they!

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