Too big a risk?

I totally understand the need to know if people have affordability, having debts is a part of life loans cards etc…if you move and things are not updated, it should be set aside…these companies play on people, also there is only two companies registered with GOV that have access to up to date information, the rest are just scammer private parking companies…parking ccj shoold not be included…other serious debts yes …but for a £25 parking ticket…not fair on thousands of people …
Not being able to rent due to this is disappointing! Or shoild i say agents and ref agencies take 300 quid holding deposit only to keep it if you fail…
Since the change in law they still need to get that money back …can ya see it yet??
Do any of you have a heart :heart:
Have you never missed a payment?? Have you moved
Are you completely up to date on everything you owe all the time . things happen in life…
If you know nothing about a ccj and could not defend yourself it should be put aside untill it can be processed

To answer carl it was a temporary accommodation for 6 months

You are taking it too personally. When you are faced with 50 people wanting the same thing it is like water running down a hill, it will flow to the point of least resistance, not try to to flow uphill.

Edward12: Once you know you have a CCJ you can arrange to satisfy the debt & most LLs would accept this explanation & ignore it HOWEVER you must understand than someone who does not pay their debts, however incurred, simply does not look like a good risk for a LL.

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Hi trisha
You cannot say someone that does not pay thier debts, im sure you have debts right now, im also sure youve missed at least one payment for some stupid reason with banking in your life ! We all have debts hence you all renting your houses out! that debt so you can live somewhere nicer i spec! Yes im taking it personal ! Its outrageous …ive read so many people not havjng a home due to mis representation of affordability, if someone has great agent references and all years of payments history, with no debts for utilities etc …? is that person not a good fit for for your home ???
I think maybe alot of you are losing great tenants that coold be a great choice…

I agree with that much debt …its not a parking ticket

Yes i am graham …its really frustrating when you are a good tenant paid on time every time, all utilities up to date, council tax up to date, references from your agent, rent account up to date, with the right amount of income to rent the property… can you tell me where there is a problem renting to said person??
Maybe all you landlords are the problem! Yes things go wrong …but its all about the character, anyone can be the wrong choice ! So maybe you should bear yhat in mind when renting, and not tarnish everyone withbthe same brush!!

Edward12: if you had the choice of 2 houses - one really nice & one quite nice at the same price, which would you rent? It’s the same for LLs - we have such a choice of tenants currently that a possibly very good tenant with a black mark will not be chosen over a similarly good tenant without one. It may not be fair, but it is life.

And no - I have never missed a payment on anything because I knew the effect it could have on my credit record.

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there you go, blaming landlords ,who you want to rent from. The CCJ was not our fault If you were a landlord you would have to be really careful entrusting property to a person who you hardly know

Except that you are tarnishing all landlords with the same brush?!

How does a landlord know that a stranger is reliable other than using the limited tools they have at their disposal? A lender views ccjs and IVAs as big problem for good reason.

Every tenant I meet acts like butter wouldn’t melt, being a seemingly “nice” person doesn’t cut it. Landlord references are totally meaningless.

That would only happen if they failed to notify DVLA of their address change, which is a legal requirement. Admittedly, it is harsh that someone’s credit can be ruined for making the mistake of not doing so.

I cant imagine many ccjs being as a result of this. It takes a heck of a lot of being chased and ignoring letters and not working on repayment plans to get a ccj.

If you know nothjng about it how can you sort it!
Simples x

Those not informing DVLA of change of address are the cause of the problem.

So what’s your solution? Just say I forgot, or the dog ate my homework? :grin:

That’s the problem with too many of us…people never wanting to take responsibility for their own failures….

Your missing the point mark she had a parking ticket for 25 pound after leaving a property and that parking ticket is causing these problems …a parkinb ticket has nothing to do with affordability why should that come into it??? Leaving a property and not knowing is the issue …does not mean someone is a bad tenant… full stop :raised_hand:

If she new about it it would of been paid! No ignoring nothing like that …your doing it again presuming!
CBT will help!

so now knowing about it ,it can be paid and will eventually disappear from the record?

Presuming what? She didn’t notify DVLA and faced the consequences? Thats all I presume.

Yes you would certainly benefit from CBT, no make that ECT.

You still haven’t given a solution to your ranting!

Landlords are not responsible for the system in which CCJs are issued. Credit reference is a tool that is used, a clear report is needed to obtain some types of insurance. In almost all cases it’s a reflection of someone’s attitude towards debt. It isn’t perfect.

When 50 plus enquiries per property is normal, those generally deemed as high risk will have less chance, therefore Tenants with minor CCJS would fair better declaring it and reason why in advance. And make sure it’s been satisfied. I once took on a tenant with CCJ because it was minor and the explanation was plausible. Dont assume.

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They can only keep it if false info provided, not just if you fail.

I once had a tenant who always paid rent (albeit late) but who racked up £5k debt with utility providers and council tax, basically never paid them and got away with it for years. I didn’t know this of course at the time.

If all that was assessed by landlord was his rent payment history he would look like a good tenant.

I get it! I know you need security, and agree its the system thats worng, insurance policies that require this and that! Everyone could be a potential problem…but think maybe the referencing should have a debt threshold, parking tickets should not be included ! How would you feel in the same situation having a parking ticket effect your ability to have a home, lasting 6 years?

Its ticket but but i feel for anyone in this situation

Av a nice day!