Viewing requests without messages

I’m getting several notifications that people have requested to view my property. When I click through to each enquiry, they have not sent a message. I have an automatic reply on now which says that before we arrange a viewing I need to know a little bit about you: your industry name and job title, or course of study if a student, plus your proposed move-in date. Guess what? None of them reply to that message! It’s almost like they aren’t actually serious and are just clicking on the “arrange viewing” button as some kind of prank?

I personally think the enquiry system here is beyond bad, compared to a site like spareroom where a tenant has to actually send a message to correspond with you rather than click some kind of “interested” button.

There’s no way I’m going to arrange a viewing with someone if I don’t know anything about them or their proposed move date. Come on OpenRent or I’ll be going back to spareroom!


I have also experienced that when you you ask basic questions before viewings to enquiry then they would
not reply.

But it’s a good practice to ask questions and if anyone
is genuinely interested they will answer all questions and
also provide any other relevant information.

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Shows they know you will not like the answer

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