Washing Machine Connection

New tenants have just moved in to my property. There was no washing machine in the property, so they had to get their own. They’re saying the connecting pipe to feed the washing machine didn’t work so they’ve had to connect it some other way, which means it can’t go under the worktop and is standing in the middle of the kitchen.

I don’t know where they got the machine from but it seems clear they didn’t pay for installation - I’m sure an installer could have sorted this out easily.

Now they are wanting some kind of “help”. My view is it’s not down to me, they need to hire a plumber. Am I right or wrong?

I always leave a space for the machine 650mm wide, the space , a cold supply washing machine valve/tap. and an upstand waste pipe … check if the connecting pipe IS working

Its really up to the landlord to sort out an appropriate connection so that the tenant can just buy and install.

I would verify what the exact issue is with the “connection pipe not working”. If it works its their problem if it doesn’t it’s yours.