Why are landlords refusing a gaurantor if you have adverse credit?

I just wanted to ask why are all gaurantors refusing someone with adverse credit and they have a guarantor? Myself and my oartner need a place asap but we both have adverse credit but have a gaurantor, but are constantly getting turned down isnt that why the guarantor system was introduced? For people like myself we both work and can afford to rent but everyone has been turning us down without even doing checks


I realise this is really frustrating for you. There’s so many tenants applying for each property now that landlords will choose what’s viewed as the lower risk option IE no adverse credit. Guarantors help but no ccj tenants will always come first. Guarantor is extra work and cost which the landlord can no longer charge the tenant for.

A small ccj that’s been satisfied not so bad, but when both partners have a series of ccjs it can suggest irresponsible behaviour in the past, not something that I would entertain myself regardless of guarantor.

You might get further by offering 6 months rent in advance or similar.

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